Aitch Group

Triangle Road

‍Aitch Group are a boutique London property developer founded in East London.

DCTR were lucky enough to help them market a new commercial space in E8, providing a set of high-end CGI visuals and window signage.

We were tasked with creating one CGI view carrying 'three' scenarios; 1) A high-end office, 2) A high-end supermarket and 3) A gym with a pilates space.

No FF&E or store/office layouts were provided beyond the plans for the shell, so our team had to be creative with the designs. Each design had to be aspirational and creative but realistic. They also had to work within the same 'angle' across each of the three CGIs. Furniture and equipment therefore couldn't block the view.

Following the successful renders, our graphic design team designed a set of decals that featured the CGI with contact details. These were used on the windows around the commercial building. We worked with our sub-contractor to measure, printing and install the decals.

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