Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our services.

Yes! There is a small panel underneath the photo with a few simple alteration options include 1) Change sky 2) Use original sky and 3) Use original verticals

Our platform will enhance your image whether you like it or not however you only pay for the edit if you like it. If you reject the edit and 'Send to Artist' you will not pay for the AI edit, instead, you will be charged for the hand edit (same price unless 2-hour selected).

Do all projects include a moodboard?

Yes, whether it's one photo or 40, we'll create a moodboard within 24 hours. In the moodboard we'll confirm your furniture and accessories choices, as well as layout. We find this reduces the number of amends after a render is complete and if your vendor is hands on, allows them to have a say before we proceed.

How long does virtual furnishing take to come back?

We'll create your moodboard within 24 hours of receiving your pics (Normally by the following morning). On your approval we'll proceed with the render - this can take 1 to 2 days depending on volume. In total it takes around 3 days on average. We can fast-track, just ask.

How quickly do you turn digital surgery edits aound?

With digital surgery it partly depends on the complexity of the edit. With all edits we'll aim to get them back by the following day. Normally by late morning you should receive the complete image(s). with simple edits they may be the same day. We have a Fast-Track option which bumps your edits up the queue. This isn't guaranteed purely because some edits can take hours, however we will endeavour to get them back asap to you. This costs £1 or so extra depending on the size of the edit.

Do I need a disclaimer?

If we are only adding in soft-furnishings then from a consumer protection point of view, it is our view that you do not need a disclaimer. Afterall, it is no different to taking photos of a furnished property those furnishings changing whilst the property is on the market. If however we change walls, flooring, windows etc. then yes, we would recommend you add a disclaimer stating what you have amended for marketing purposes. Some agents tell us that they add a disclaimer with all types of virtual furnishing, purely so customers are aware before they walk into an empty property.

How does this affect Consumer Protection Regulations?

We're very aware of Consumer Protection Regulations and would always recommend not to go ahead with an edit if you were in breach. When removing and adding objects, every effort will be taken to make it as accurate as possible. To help us, you can upload photos of what's behind an object or there's a space to add in a google street view address so we can check online how a property should look. Equally, we would not remove items that are likely to deceive if they're taken out. This includes things like street furniture, lamp posts, views of other buildings etc.

Do you offer volume discounts?

If you, your office network or a network that you build with other agents you introduce to us send 250 photos or more in a month, our software will automatically reduce your basic Facelift price by 25% to 90p each when you pay by direct debit.

What if I want to change something?

No problem. When you upload your photo there are lots of options to brief-in exactly the look you're after. But if it turns out not quite as you were expecting, let us know via the Feedback button (available in the photo recovery area) and we'll make the corrections you ask for.

How fast can I get them back?

Most times, Facelift photos uploaded by 5 pm on a workday will be returned by 10am the following morning. If you need them back pronto, we offer a guaranteed 2-working-hour premium service. A minute late and they're free.


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