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Flexible Living with VR

For several years, DCTR has helped Berkeley Group embrace flexible living by showcasing the ‘third’ bedroom in several scenarios.

The third bedroom is always a versatile space, with plenty of uses. From a child’s bedroom to a nursery, office or gym, the room gives endless possibilities for different types of purchasers, in different life stages.

The problem is that people often can’t visualise it. So, when it comes to dressing the show home, Berkeley can only choose one scenario.

That’s where DCTR comes in.

A QR code is provided by DCTR, printed and added to the entrance of the third bedroom, which viewers can scan as they enter. Users are instantly taken to an exact 360° replica of the room they’re standing in, on their mobile.

When viewing the room in VR, users can flick between various décor and room scenarios. Whether it’s a nursery, office or home gym.

St George West London - Waterview House: View VR Tour

St George West London - Chelsea Creek: View VR Tour

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