Blocc Interiors

Honest Swatch

Blocc is a leading interior design studio serving both commercial and high-end residential clients in the UK.

DCTR was asked to help them create a series of creative B2B campaigns that embodied their brand, whilst shouting about what they do and how fabulously they do it.

Making light fun of the fact that in asaturated market where some interior design studios in the UK can be perceived as being very similar, offering the same styles and service, Honest Swatch is an obvious play that choosing Blocc will make your property stand out from the crowd. Whilst also getting across the fact that they're different to other studios too.

A simple direct-mail campaign that ladders back to what they do with the most iconic of interior design tools.

Fun, self-deprecating humour, with a strong tone of voice. The campaign was supported with digital assets across web and social, as well as print.

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