Unboxed Homes

Green Oaks

DCTR was pleased to be commissioned to create all marketing materials for Unboxed Homes, in partnership with Countrywide New Homes Marketing Department.

Unboxed Homes makes high-quality, custom, sustainable homes and launched a unique site called Green Oaks. A stunning site that consists of 12 plots of land, each with an average size of 1/4 acre.

We were asked to create a unique, scandi-style brand identity to reflect the unique architecture and setting, along with all assets (plans, maps, brochure and CGI).

Working with the client and Countrywide, DCTR presented three brand concepts. The chosen route was liked because it looked 'un-property' and reflected the narrative that new purchasers would be at the start of a new journey, planting new roots and living sustainably.

Result: Within 4 weeks of launch, all 12 plots were reserved

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