June 12, 2020

Using An Owner's Photos

Using An Owner's Photos

We’ve seen an increase in agents sending us photos taken by their vendors and it seemed like a good idea to give you some tips that you could pass onto them before they click the shutter or punch the white circle on their phone.

Studies show that better photos lead to more enquiries and an increase in the perception of a property’s value. The job is to make properties stand out from the others in the beauty parade otherwise known as the portals.

  • Outside photos – try to take them when the sun is actually shining on the elevation you’re photographing.
  • If the elevation doesn’t get the sun at this time of the year because it faces due north, then best to take the photo when it’s overcast.
  • Get the house looking tidy – here are our suggestions for that.
  • Interiors – use a tripod if you have one. If not, see if there’s something else that you can rest the camera on, like a table.
  • Try to take them low down – don’t stand up and point the camera down into the room. This way, your walls won’t lean so much.
  • If you know how to control the ISO setting on your camera, choose a low number. If you don’t know how to control it, try YouTube for some tips or email John Durrant for guidance.
  • For your interiors, if you have one, use a wide-angle lens. If you don’t then try standing slightly outside of the doorway into the room so that you can show as much of the room as possible.
  • For your exteriors, if you have a zoom lens then try using that. Stand away from the building and zoom back towards it. This way the house will look a better shape.
  • Estate agents: note that often a vendor’s photos are often squarer than the usual ‘letterboxy’ format used by the portals and on most of your websites. So, if you want us to crop them to the normal 3:2 ratio from the 4:3 ration that they have provided, then please add the instruction when you send the photo.

John Durrant wrote the RICS Property Photography Guidance. He’s been featured in national newspapers and on the BBC talking about property photography/editing etc.


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