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Tom Durrant on Creativity

Tom Durrant on Creativity

Rightmove killed creativity*

The rise of online property portals like Rightmove, Zoopla, and OnTheMarket has undoubtedly revolutionised the way we search for homes.


They’ve condensed the entire property market into easily navigable lists, providing users with a convenient way to find their dream home. However, this convenience has inadvertently led to a decline in creativity and innovation in property marketing.

In the race for clicks and visibility, many agents and developers have resorted to formulaic approaches, prioritising quantity over quality. While it's true that the quality of marketing assets has improved in recent years, thanks to advancements in technology and the availability of services like our ‘DoctorPhoto’ platform, there remains a fundamental issue: the lack of top-of-funnel creativity.

Listing a property on Rightmove or similar platforms has become akin to posting an item for sale on eBay – a transactional exercise devoid of personality or flair. With limited space for photos and basic low-res floor plans, the opportunity for storytelling, emotion, and connection with potential buyers is often lost. 

Many property professionals pay £1500 a month for space then fill it with ‘meh’!

Where is the romance in the description? The cut-through in the imagery? The big idea that captures the imagination of prospective buyers and justifies the expenditure? Without these elements, properties become commoditised, reduced to mere bricks and mortar rather than representations of dreams and aspirations.

This matters because, to truly engage with buyers and stand out in a sea of listings,we must rekindle the spirit of creativity in property marketing. Content marketing, social media channels, influencer partnerships, events, PR, and guerrilla marketing tactics offer avenues for creating meaningful connections and driving excitement around properties. 

 It's time to move beyond the constraints of traditional property portals and embrace creativity as a means of showcasing the unique stories, lifestyles, and dreams that each property represents. By infusing our marketing efforts with creativity and imagination, we can reignite the passion and emotion that drives real estate transactions, turning listings into experiences and houses into homes. 



*All other property portals apply!