March 1, 2022

The Big Switch to our new platform 1st March!

The Big Switch to our new platform 1st March!

On 1st March all clients will be migrated to the new one and we officially launch!

We're so pleased to announce that after many months of testing, tweaking & improving, we will be formally launching our new platform.

Current clients will be automatically redirected to the new platform and will be able to follow instructions on how to login via their current Doctor Photo accounts.

We're also happy to confirm that 'The Studio' has been a pre-launch holding name and we will be calling it 'Doctor Photo - Studio Edition'. Here's our funky new logo:

So what's all the fuss about with this new platform? 

There are so many new market-leading functions that we're excited to launch with the new Doctor Photo platform including...

1) AI Instant Facelifts - Photo enhancing available 24/7 in under a minute!

You read that right... now every photo you upload will be automatically enhanced by Artificial Intelligence in less than a minute - adding blue skies, straightening, colours, exposure and shadows fixed. You will have the choice to either accept your AI-edit or send on your photo for hand-editing by one of our pro-artists if you would prefer with our normal 2-hour or 24-hour turnaround. If you reject an AI-edit, you will not pay for it.

An AI-Edit will be the same cost as a next-day edit, working out cheaper than our 2-hour hand editing service!

2) New functionality like 'photo annotation'

We get hundreds of edits every week from clients asking for specific objects to be removed. Now, you don't have to 'describe' which object, you can simply highlight and annotate - giving simple, specific instructions to our artists!

We've also learnt from 7 years of user feedback with our previous platform, building in new UX to improve the journey and experience for our customers.

3) Over 50 creative services!

We've added over 50 creative services to the platform including CGI & Design projects! If you wish to upload your CGI project to our platform and keep all your files, feedback and revisions in one place that option is now available! Of course, we're happy to work on your projects via email, phone & face as normal too but now you have an OPTION!

For help and advice on the new platform:

Watch this space for updates but in the mean time please go here for short and helpful videos on how to use the new system:

Tom heads up DCTR as MD. He has a keen eye for detail and has always been a creative and some might say, a little eccentric. He likes hats, beer & marketing that blows your mind. He lives with his wife & two young kids in Sandhurst, behind the firing range.


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The Studio is now available in BETA and rolling out nationally soon.
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