June 12, 2020

The Big Comeback: Free Photography

The Big Comeback: Free Photography

We’re all doomed! (Oh no we’re not!) There must have been times throughout WW2 when people would have wondered whether London and elsewhere in the UK would ever recover from The Blitz. But we did.

102 years ago, The Spanish Flu infected 500 million, a quarter of the world’s population. Imagine that! But the world recovered.

In 1929 The Great Depression and ten years ago, we suffered the world banking crisis and we were doing pretty well getting over the latter until this latest bump in the road.

But we’re in a much better place today than people were during those crises because today the level of communication and science is much more advanced than it was in 1918. Bombs aren’t falling all around us demolishing our infrastructure and we no longer need to feel alone. What HASN’T changed is the inborn desire to help one another – what HAS changed is the ways we can communicate with each other.

Life will go on. People will have to live somewhere when this is all over. There will be business to be won but we will need as individual businesses to make the strongest possible case for what we’re individually offering. This isn’t a time to crawl into a dark hole and ‘hope for the best’. It is THE time to grow our strength and our business offering and to help those who rely on us do the same.

The inevitable question is, what can we do that’s good and positive for our businesses and our clients while we’re being forced to slow down and step back?

I can tell you what we’re doing at Doctor Photo. We are seizing back control by seeing this period as our opportunity to think, learn and plan. How often is it that we have had the chance to work ON our businesses not just IN them? Until now, Tom and I have had to do our business thinking and planning into the early hours because during the days we’ve been firefighting – getting urgent projects back to you as well as keeping in touch.

You have likely been too busy making deals and keeping them together to think about ways to improve your property marketing and your brand. But NOW YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY to do exactly that. AND The Doctor wants to help – for FREE!

We at Doctor Photo are pledging to use this time to develop our offering even further. We see this difficult time as an opportunity, because we want to be Bigger, Better and Lovelier than ever before when life returns to normal. What’s your plan?

So – to start with we are offering:

Free Property Photography Advice/Consultancy

WHY this could be important to you…

  • Pro-standard photos can quadruple enquiries – Rightmove
  • They can help sell properties 32% faster NAR
  • They can improve the perception of value by up to 12.5% USA study

What is it?

  • If you know your property photos and branding are ‘last year’, then use this time as your opportunity to learn how to get to pro-standard and how to stand out from the competition.

Pro-standard property photography is no harder to learn than learning to drive a car and you’re less likely to kill someone unless you throw your camera at them.

Get great advice from John Durrant, Author RICS Property Photography Guide/country house photographer/award-winning former estate agent (37 years) and MD of Doctor Photo Ltd.


Available from this week and throughout this period of challenge you can book directly your 1 to 1 training here: https://vello.fi/thedoctor/doctor-photo

But at the same time drop us an email at studio@doctor-photo.co.uk with a few photos, telling John what bothers you most about your property photos so that he can get prepared with the answers. Also, please let him know what kit you’re using.

Before your meeting, you’ll need to look at the following video and download ZOOM Conference.

How to Prepare for your Doctor Photo Zoom Conference

John Durrant wrote the RICS Property Photography Guidance. He’s been featured in national newspapers and on the BBC talking about property photography/editing etc.


Enough about us, let’s hear about you…

Looking to overhaul your property marketing? Arrange a call to discuss your goals and learn how we can help you grow your business.

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