December 19, 2021

Repurposing an old bank: A visual project

Repurposing an old bank: A visual project

Our client came to us with the objective to visualise a coffee shop and two apartments for marketing purposes, replacing what's currently there... an old bank.

The Challenge

Our client purchased an old bank on the corner of a bustling high street in a Scottish Seaside Town. They had photos of the bank in its current state but wanted to go to market before the building had been erected. Our client needed to 1) Sell the apartments off-plan, showcasing their spectacular view of the sea to potential purchasers and 2) Visualise the coffee shop for B2B purposes, cementing a buyer who is willing to open up the town's first coffee shop.

The challenge was to create visuals that gave a really great sense of space, positioning, design & purpose. Those visuals ultimately needed to unlock sales to make the project pay off, so they needed to be desirable.

The Solution

When selling a property that's going to be so vastly different to what's there currently there visuals play a key role. We recommended a mixture of both still images and a full CGI tour (we call it DCVR). We agreed to create two still images of the exterior and 2 DCVR tours - one of the cafe for B2B marketing, and one tour for an apartment (they are both identical in spec, just on different floors).

The Result

We worked with the client to create a DCVR tour of the coffee shop and the apartment, as well as two CGI renders of the outside.

You can find the tours below:

View the coffee shop

View the apartment

We also created two visuals for the front and side of the property, meeting the clients bespoke specification with the finish and following the agreed CAD plans. We were even able to utilise the photo they had of the current bank as a setting for the new CGI to help with realism & context.

The old bank - a before shot

The cafe, visualised in situ

Side of bank (The before) for second shot

Side of bank (The After) as Coffee shop with retail unit

Tom heads up DCTR as MD. He has a keen eye for detail and has always been a creative and some might say, a little eccentric. He likes hats, beer & marketing that blows your mind. He lives with his wife & two young kids in Sandhurst, behind the firing range.


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