June 12, 2020

#photohacks101: How to avoid leaning walls

#photohacks101: How to avoid leaning walls

We get hundreds of photos every week asking us to straighten walls as part of our Facelift Service. Look at Rightmove and you'll wonder if most houses were on the verge of falling down but ultimately, if you follow these super simple rules, then leaning walls will be a thing of the past.

1) Take your photo from a low level - around 3' or 4' from the ground. We get many images where the camera is simply too high and therefore pointing downwards. This will distort the room as well as giving the impression of leaning walls.2) Sounds simple, but keep your lens parallel with the ground, without showing too much ceiling. If you're at the right height when taking the shot then this will be possible.3) Thinking of buying a tripod after the article above? Well if you do, we recommend buying one with a spirit bubble built in. Just centre the bubble for that upright shot!4) If you want to do it 'by eye', line up the right and left hand edges of the viewfinder or screen, with something in the room that's vertical - maybe a side wall, cupboard or window etc.


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