May 12, 2021

Our team slowly return to our studio!

Our team slowly return to our studio!

As lockdown eases, normality can slowly appear... and we couldn't be happier!

Since some of us have returned to the studio after 12 months apart, we've been having some fun! Check out what we've been up to...

It started with some new kit for one of our new starters 🤤

... We gave the studio a refresh and played some socially distanced pool

... We put up some new art (featuring our mascot - Doctor Cat)

... had a few welcome back drinks. (Once or twice!)

...And worked hard along the way! Here's Bex holding a meeting inside one of our DCVR spaces with 8 other stakeholders in their CGI (blurred for client privacy).

Tom heads up DCTR as MD. He has a keen eye for detail and has always been a creative and some might say, a little eccentric. He likes hats, beer & marketing that blows your mind. He lives with his wife & two young kids in Sandhurst, behind the firing range.


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