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New Homes Retouching: What's possible?

New Homes Retouching: What's possible?
🏠 Less than two-thirds of new homes are completed on time*

But here's the good news: Delays needn't hold you back from marketing 🚀

When you work with a team that blend retouching, AI and CGI into one skillset, the possibilities are endless.

How can Doctor Photo help bring your new homes to market faster?
  • Removing salt from bricks
  • Adding grass, planting and landscaping
  • Cleaning and laying new tarmac
  • Removing builders rubble, signage, and scaffolding
  • Adding windows, doors, new brick work and render
  • Adding people, life and lifestyle
  • Laying floors, painting walls
  • Virtual staging - adding furniture and more
Watch below for some examples 🍿

Have a project in mind? Speak to the team 01483474737 or sign up directly at, upload your pics and we'll work on your project right away. Note you get 5 freebies (Facelifts adding a blue sky) to try the system out. No subscription, just pay for what you send over.

*New Home Review (NHR) Annual Report