June 12, 2020

New for 2018!

New for 2018!

New for 2018 we're offering new pricing for Direct Debit customers & new services!

Here's a run-down of what's on offer...

New pricing: More info

What's the offer?

We're offering 10% off our standard Facelift Price for everyone that pays via Direct Debit. Ongoing.

What will I pay?

As you know, we price by volume per month. That means you currently pay between £1 to £2.20 per Facelift photo, depending on how many you send.

Our new offer means all Direct-Debit customers will pay between 90p and £1.98 per Facelift photo.

We've updated our pricing page here to reflect the changes.

What if I order an urgent or very urgent Facelift, will I still get the discount?

Yes! The discount will be on the base-price. So our 2-hr service will still command a £1 premium and our 5-hr service will still command a 50p premium. This will be added to your discounted Facelift price.

How does the Doctor Photo Direct-Debit work?

Once you have signed up you will be sent a statement at the end of the month. Payment will be taken automatically after 14-days from receipt of statement. Although the discount only applies to Facelifts, all jobs will be included.

Is it secure?

Yes! We don't have access to your payment details and it's all managed by GoCardless.

So how do I sign up?

Simples. Send Shirley a request at shirleydurrant@doctor-photo.co.uk and she will follow up with a link from GoCardless for you to sign up ASAP. It takes roughly 5 minutes.

All Facelifts from 1st March, regardless of when you sign up this month will be counted. If you sign up in April, all photos from 1st April will count, and so-on. Oh, and if you've already signed up then congrats - you're already saving ;-)

NEW Virtual Exterior CGI

From £199 + VAT for a typical detached property, bring your new-build plans to life with fast & affordable 3D rendered CGI's. We work from .DWG (CAD) files, sketches and architect plans and the process takes roughly 6-working days depending on the volume.For more examples visit our website and click on Premium Digital Surgery. For now, to commission a job simply email Tom at tomdurrant@doctor-photo.co.uk. In the next few months you'll be able to upload your plans & choose the service in our software.Street scenes, birds-eye view & apartment blocks also available.

Before Virtual Exterior CGI

After Virtual Exterior CGI

NEW Major Digital Surgery

Ok. Confession. It's not totally new. But it's never been advertised on our website like it is now (see here for examples) and it's always fallen under our standard Digital Surgery Service.The thing is, it's not a standard service. We think it's totally unique nationally, if not globally, to Doctor Photo and requires a high-level of photoshop expertise & persistence!With Major Digital Surgery, we give you the power to help consumers visualise the potential. We start with your photo and can finish half-built properties (e.g. adding windows, doors, landscaping, tiles etc.), add extensions, or make major internal-adjustments, just like below!To commission the job for now, simply select Digital Surgery and we'll take it from there. In the next few months there'll be a dedicated button for major alterations.

Before Major Digital Surgery

After Major Digital Surgery

NEW 360* VR Editing

Your solution to the non-forgiving, all-seeing 360* camera. From blue skies to removing objects like cars or competitor boards. It costs the same as a standard Facelift or Digital Surgery but the technique is different our side.As the 360* camera shows 'EVERYTHING' this service can be a great solution to untidy rooms, clutter or ugly furniture you'd rather not show as part of your property marketing.We partner with Eyespy 360 but the service can be used with any 360* camera that allows you to extract the JPEG.Simply upload the photo as normal and select Facelift or Digital Surgery.



NEW Day to Dusk

At £5 per edit, if you really want to go that extra mile to help your property stand out online and in shop windows, then choose our day to dusk service.We can turn your daytime photos into dusk; turning on lights, fixing exposure and shadows. By showing off your property in a new light you'll not only help the property stand out online but also add a new depth that many competitors won't even consider. Dusk lighting can also add to the premium feel of a property.To commission a day to dusk photo simply select digital surgery and let us know in the comments box. A separate button will be available in the coming months.

Before Day to Dusk

After Day to Dusk

That's all folks! Any questions on the new services above? Simply drop us an email or call us on 01483 474737 and we'll gladly help!


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