June 12, 2020

Latest Doctor Photo software updates

Latest Doctor Photo software updates

July, 2019Hi Team,Tom here, one of the Directors at Doctor Photo. It's been a busy year for us in the studio so far but we've manage to cram in a load of updates to improve your user experience, the range and breadth of services and ultimately - save you time and market better. I thought I'd give you the lowdown on what's new:

  • Due to popular demand we introduced Floor plans as a separate service on our system. We were finding customers were often uploading floor plan jobs via Digital Surgery and it kept getting quite messy. You can order a B&W (£6.75) Colour (£7.75) 3D unfurnished (£15) and 3D furnished (£18.50) at the click of the button. We'll also add a logo watermark and compass if you need it.
  • We've introduced a zip file function for all downloads. Long gone are the days where you would have to download all photos individually from the download email. Now, all photos in a project will come in one zip file, so it should just be one simple click!
  • We've added logo watermarking. Just make sure you send one of us your high res logos so we have it on file, then, if you want to add your logo, just tell us with a simple tick of a box within each brief you send us.
  • We're faster! With a larger team we're now finding that 95% images uploaded on a next-day basis between 9am and 5pm are returned by 9 to 10am the following morning. Previously we were often working up until the final minute of each deadline but with greater capacity, you should see a noticeable difference now.
  • A Facelift counter is now available in your recovery page when you've logged in. This not only adds up how many Facelifts you've sent over the month but your colleagues within any network you're a part of too. Why is this important? Well, if you send us 250 your Facelift price drops to 90p from £1.20.. it's a saving of 25%. We wanted to be more transparent around how many images you were off hitting the target each month so we hope this helps!

That's it for now but watch this space as there's a LOT more to come :-)Tom Durrant, Creative Director at Doctor Photo


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