June 12, 2020

How we helped one agent agree a sale on launch day

How we helped one agent agree a sale on launch day

Our customer came to us with a property that had previously been on the market for 12 months with another agent. It was empty and our customer had to think outside the box.

The Challenge

Dominic from Lion Estates (powered by Keller Williams) had taken on a tired property that needed some love. It had been on the market for over 12 months, with a low-priced sale that had fallen through with a previous agent. Dominic saw potential and instructed us to help him dress the property virtually for marketing.

The Solution

Dominic recommended to his client they give the property a fresh lick of paint and had the photos taken ready for virtual furnishing. We created a mood board for him and agreed a layout and style scheme for the property. Within 24 hours we provided his furnished photos ready for marketing.


We were pleased to hear that Dominic had 9 enquiries on launch day and an offer which was accepted within 24 hours. Speed of sale wasn't the only great outcome but the price was enhanced too. The accepted offer came in £16.5k above the previous sale.

Dominic said "Doctor Photo is a revelation. Their incredible products enable us to market our homes to the best possible standard and make us stand out from the competition. Can't recommend these guys enough!"

Tom heads up DCTR as MD. He has a keen eye for detail and has always been a creative and some might say, a little eccentric. He likes hats, beer & marketing that blows your mind. He lives with his wife & two young kids in Sandhurst, behind the firing range.


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