Doctor Photo Platform launches free HDR blending!

Doctor Photo Platform launches free HDR blending!

If you want pics that 'pop' and you’re fed up with over-exposed windows, then you should be shooting HDR.

So what is HDR?

HDR (High DynamicRange) Bracketing is a photography technique with superior results. Superior because setting up your camera to automatically take dark, normal and light exposures off a tripod, when blended on our new AI platform, will show detail in the shadow and bright areas, including, for example, what is outside of windows.  The Advanced HDR interface, launched on Doctor Photo, uses AI to blend the images and optimise them in one process. The results are AWESOME!

The photos below show the three HDR brackets taken with automated settings available on most SLR cameras (Dark, Mid and bright) and the resulting 'after' photo, where all photos have been blended and Facelifted. The difference is clear! The technique is easy to learn.

Before Facelift - DARK EXPOSURE
Before Facelift - MID EXPOSURE
Before Facelift - HIGH EXPOSURE
After Facelift - HDR bracketed

How much does it cost?

The blending is free as part of any other service!

How do I order an HDR edit, and what’s the difference between our Normal and Advanced interfaces?

At the top of our upload interface, you will notices a button for you to select:

1) ‘STANDARD’. It is as it sounds; it’s the DCTR Studio interface you use if you are already a customer.

For new users, the STANDARD interface is where you upload single images for Facelifting, Digital Surgery, Virtual Furnishing, floor plan images, etc. It's quick and easy, and your photos will be enhanced to look as good as possible using the original material you provide.


2) ‘HDR-PRO’ This interface is for customers to upload their bracketed exposures and blend their photos as described above. Once blended, the AI will also automatically Facelift them - but if the result isn’t to your liking, you can send the blend to one of our amazing artists instead to be finished by hand at no extra cost.

You can upload mixed sets of brackets simultaneously - so if some shots are taken with three brackets and other shots use, say, five, then the AI is clever enough to work out which of those can be blended. It looks at hundreds of points on each image and matches them with the other images in the upload batch.You can even upload single images along with the brackets for blending, for example, to add a blue sky, and it will know just to Facelift those. It's like putting watch parts onto a conveyor belt; they disappear into a tunnel for a few minutes, and out the other side, you get a nice Swiss watch ready to wear.

In your default settings, you can also switch AI off altogether, in which case only the Normal interface will be available, and all of your uploaded photos will be edited by one of our artists.

See a demo

How can I learn to create exposure brackets ready to upload toDoctor Photo?

DCTR runs workshops to teach the bracketing technique. No rocket scienceis involved; for each shot, you set the camera up to automatically take two ormore (typically three to five – sometimes more) photos that range from verydark to very bright with a normal exposure in the middle. Once you know thecamera setup, this is much faster than messing around with flash, and theresults will look much more natural.

More information

To book a workshop, speak to or call us at 01483474737. You could also use our trusty Contact Form.

Keep in mind after taking a workshop, we will also continue to support you until you feel confident that you have a good understanding of the techniques and can make pro-standard property images.