January 12, 2021

Do you think about the future? It's here and it's called DCVR.

Do you think about the future? It's here and it's called DCVR.

Do you think about the future?

I think about 'tomorrow' all the time. I've even given those thoughts a title. I call them the 'Captain Kirk Principle'. Giving them a title makes them a 'thing'. It means I need to devote time to them and that gives me a kind of discipline - all of that leads to a sense of satisfaction when you see your thoughts developing into reality.

So, my life is permanently stuck in a very long episode of Star Trek but my thoughts aren't about space travel. Because I'm at heart a property marketing freak, I think about how Capt. James T will be selling his house back on Earth in the year 2233. In other words, while I'm eating my breakfast cereal, I'm contemplating how estate agency might look in the future and I try to plan for that when it comes to the products that we, as DCTR, supply to our industry.

Yes, I'm slightly mad but I know that many of us just get on with our businesses and because we're busy, we don't tend to notice what's going on around us - we don't think about what's around the corner. Perhaps our eyes are closed. Perhaps we don't care. But be assured, change marches on all the time regardless of us. The world doesn't revolve around any individual - not even past U.S. Presidents.

There are subtle changes that affect the way we're all perceived not just by our peers but by our customers too. Changes that could make them want you to help them (or not) when it comes to moving home. When we don't think about the future and embrace change, we are at risk of that Kodak moment. That's a reference to Kodak's failure to respond to the changes that digital photography brought to their world. We all know what happened there!

How might this affect you?

There are obvious pointers to your business' brand identity and how that lines up with the ideals of your potential customers (buyers and sellers) - your website, logo, corporate colours all of these are subtle, almost sub-conscious hints that your prospects will use to give you a chance by wanting to find out more about your winning personality and what you can do for them. But there's other stuff too that you might not be aware of.

For example, I know from experience (I was an agent for 37 years) that some of my competitors didn't win instructions because they turned up at properties in their Range Rover or top of the mark Merc or BMW. A number of vendors who instructed me over the years were proudly open about their reasons for not employing some of my competitors. Maybe then it was to do with the politics of envy but in today's arena, I can safely say that there are 4 x 4 haters and others throughout all strata of society who won't give you the time of day if you don't accord with their ideals. Society is fast becoming polarised - black or white - no greys. You're being judged. You're in or you're out. Our aim must always be to find our way 'in'.

Some of the ideals against which you are being compared?

  • Saving the planet is really high on the agenda of a lot of people.
    (Although it's apparently ok to fly to Alaska to skate on a lake in order to boost awareness of global warming.)
  • Safety. The market won't boot-up fully until we have herd immunity
  • Saving time is another (here, we're talking about their time, not yours)
  • Clarity in your messaging - so that decision-making isn't too laborious
  • Making everything easy. Having to THINK can be such a bore.
  • 'Want it now!' Doesn't need explaining.

SO - What is DCVR and How Can it Help?

DCVR is the only fun, novel and really effective way for agents to sell their homes virtually. It can be a virtual estate agency office. It can be a virtual marketing suite. It can be a CGI animated interior of a new home. It can be virtually anything you want.

Inside a DCVR Virtual Environment, you can: ...

  • Have buyers and sellers privately video-meet with you in your virtual office. Build rapport.
  • Pre-qualify your viewers by safely showing your homes virtually to your potential buyers.
  • Easily meet with your international customers wherever they are in the world
  • Interact with your customers - talk to them as you would in your physical office.
  • Talk them through your inset website, show them your virtual tours etc. Sell.
  • Save the planet. By not driving through heavy traffic to show a house that you know won't suit.
  • You can play your corporate video - building your tone of voice and building on your messaging.
  • Enable your potential customers to walk around your virtual environment 24/365.25 when you're not there - they can WhatsApp you - they can fill in appointment forms etc
  • Marketing suites can be built for new developments, extolling the virtues, providing all the details of the new homes you're selling.
  • Inside a 3D new home interior, you can show how different decor, floor treatments, kitchen unit colours etc will look. You can display 360 CGI or Matterport tours or whatever.

If you can't imagine a DCVR - and there's no reason why you should because it's not been seen before - take a look at this interview between Simon Whale (Kerfuffle) and Tom and Rebekah who are driving DCVR at DCTR. From this, you'll get a really good idea of the potential for your business. DCVR is not expensive - especially when you compare the cost against business rental and rates. You'll pay a fraction of those costs and there's no

If you have any questions give us a call or drop an email to studio@dctr.co.uk

John Durrant wrote the RICS Property Photography Guidance. He’s been featured in national newspapers and on the BBC talking about property photography/editing etc.


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