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DCTR Summer Conference!

DCTR Summer Conference!

Move over Banksy...

Graffiti workshop, karaoke, presentations. What could go wrong!?

After several client wins and a huge amount of change over 22/23, we levelled up with our summer conference, inviting the whole team up to Nottinghill, London for a conference to remember.

How the day started

We kicked off with inspiration and presentations from across the team at the very trendy, Westbourne Studios in Nottinghill. We recapped the year, reaffirmed our vision and values, and reviewed the plans for the coming year.

The communal space at Westbourne Studios where we held our summer conference

How the day finished

After an intense afternoon of presentations, it was time to get creative and have some fun!

We booked a private graffiti workshop at the Graffik Gallery down the road on Portobello road.

Great inspiration for a creative team, very fun, very cool, and just what the Dr ordered.

Finally, we capped the day off with dinner, drinks and karaoke at Bunga Bunga in Soho.


Check out our graffiti & karaoke!