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If recent events have prompted you to think about showing your homes virtually but you haven’t known where to start, then DCTR is here to help.

Video is the medium where you want your property marketing to look bespoke and to ooze personality. There’s nothing to beat it when you’re presenting great-looking homes and their best features, and you want to achieve that artistically. But you need skills and knowledge to make your videos look really compelling. This is a beginner workshop, perfect for estate agents and photographers who want to branch into video.

Virtual viewings are good for your green credentials too: as well as reducing the potential health risks for your vendors, buyer and you, virtual viewings cut down on energy, time and overheads.

Virtual Tours or Video?

The main difference between the two is the opportunity that video provides for creativity. Virtual Tours – even those using expensive equipment – can be high quality but they tend toward the functional. Virtual Tours have their place, but Video done well can look amazing and can provide a great solution especially for your more beautiful properties.

What you’ll learn

Helen, our trainer, is a video-pro with a long career including at the BBC, Sky and training in a classroom setting. She will help you to understand camera choreography – how to move around a house and the different types of equipment you could use, how to stabilise your camera, frame rates, hosting, basic editing and lots more. Helen will clearly explain all of this to you in online courses or (when it’s safe to do so) in our office-environment in Farnborough.

NB: To participate, you will either need a mobile phone with high-quality video functionality or an SLR camera. Other equipment will help you going forward from the workshop, but you might like to discuss what is best for you when you speak with Helen.

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excellent video training in a virtual environment

Helen provided excellent video training in a virtual environment. With Helen's incredible knowledge and expertise she was able to simplify and condense video training on all practical elements in an easy-to-understand format for someone new to creating videos. I would highly recommend Doctor Photo video training to anyone thinking of incorporating this dynamic skill set alongside their photography.

Elise Jalon

Meet your trainer

Helen Pritchard

Our Property Videography masterclass is taught by Helen Pritchard. Helen hosts private property videography classes online or from our training room in Farnborough as part of an open workshop.

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From £88.00*

* Price subject to VAT

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