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Your photos, only better

Make your photos pop and help your houses get noticed.

Manage Shadows

Heavy shadow and under-exposure can really ruin a photo. We'll expertly lift the dark areas to reveal your interiors and exteriors in their best light. It's an art, because lifting shadow can result in an ugly, grainy effect called noise. We'll do our very best to find the right balance. For tips on how to take your photos so that you can avoid 'noise', give us a call or drop an email to studio@dctr.co.uk

Lens Correction

If you haven't used a level tripod, or if you have pointed your lens down into a room or up at a building, your photos can look wonky and unprofessional. We'll straighten-up the kinks so they look pleasing to the eye and less like a fairground Funhouse.

Image Sharpening

Nobody can make a blurry photo look sharp, but a marginally soft photo can be distracting to the viewer. We'll sharpen those just enough, to tighten edges, bring out texture and improve the overall look. Helping your photos appear more professional and pleasing to the eye.

Fix White Balance

Don't ever fear Tango'd walls again. By fixing white balance, we'll adjust your colours so they look more natural. By removing incorrect colour casts, objects which appear white in reality are rendered white in your photo.

Brightness & Contrast

Fixing the lights & darks in photo can really enhance image quality. It's one of the key adjustments for both internal & external photos that drives appeal.

Add Blue Sky

It's amazing what a difference adding a blue sky can make to the overall appeal of a property. There's nothing worse than a fake-looking sky, and over the years we've perfected our technique. We pride ourselves with the realism and quality of our blue skies and if you don't like what we've done, we'll always redo them - just tell us your preferences.

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