Digital Surgery Residential

Remove & Add Items

Don't let clutter get in the way of selling a dream

Remove other agents' boards

Don't advertise your competitor in your marketing! We can easily remove other agents' boards or even replace their boards with yours if you attach your artwork as an additional file!

Remove site branding and materials

New Home sites can be cluttered with building materials, site hoarding, fencing and site vehicles. Our pro re-touching can make your marketing picture perfect

Remove Scaffolding

We can help you get to market sooner by removing building materials & scaffolding. The team at DCTR can follow CAD files if needs be and everything is photo-realistic and high quality.

Freshen-up tired decor

You have two choices, get in the decorators or show what the room could look like with some effort. Make sure you say in your marketing that this is an 'Artist's impression showing the potential"

Declutter Externals

Sometimes it's not possible to physically remove vehicles, bins, building materials or skips. We can do it digitally, so your property is shown off in all its glory. Please add additional photos to show us what the object is hiding and give us an address to check Google Street View, just in case.

Declutter Kitchens

From messy kitchen worktops to cluttered cupboards, an untidy kitchen can look uninviting, smaller than reality and worst of all, portray an unmotivated vendor. We do the hard work so you don't have to.

remove out-of-season items

Like christmas trees

Declutter Bathrooms

By simply removing bottles, tidying towels, adding loo roll and cleaning the floor, it's amazing how you can transform a bathroom. We'll do this digitally for you and you won't need to lift a finger except for a simple click to order!

Bring dormant features to life

Perhaps your client has a swimming pool, hot tub, fireplace, fire pit or waterfall (who knows!..) We can lift off the covers, dust it down and show that feature off in all its glory.

Brighten up exteriors

Removing bins and cars is not just covered under digital surgery. Without going into a full blown visualisation project, we can also add small items like plants and flowers to help brighten up an exterior.

Add grass, leaves, or plants

If you're marketing a new build that's due to be landscaped, we can add planting, leaves, grass and garden items. A mixture of photoshop and CGI will ensure that your gardens look natural and inviting.

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