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Virtual Viewing

360°tours offer so much more today than they used to. We can edit the Jpegs you generate, adding blue skies, removing tripods and evening virtually furnishing them.

Virtual tours will help your potential buyers (and you) cut down on physical viewings before choosing 'the one'. That's great for your Green credentials and for everyone's safety. We can edit your 360 pics, just like your normal images. Adding 360 blue skies and editing out clutter.

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How It Works

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Try the demo
Customer feedback
5 star service

We have been long standing customers of Doctor Photo for many years now and we continue to enjoy the 5 star service we receive from them. They are a very talented team and always there to help with anything.

John Couch
Superb photography company

A superb photography company! They edit our photos and make such a difference to help my Estate Agency attract more buyers. Fast, efficient, good value, and friendly service. I’d love to go on one of their photography courses one day too!

Gemma Patrick


How long does virtual furnishing take to come back?

We'll create your moodboard within 24 hours of receiving your pics (Normally by the following morning). On your approval we'll proceed with the render - this can take 1 to 2 days depending on volume. In total it takes around 3 days on average. We can fast-track, just ask.

How does this affect Consumer Protection Regulations?

We're very aware of Consumer Protection Regulations and would always recommend not to go ahead with an edit if you were in breach. When removing and adding objects, every effort will be taken to make it as accurate as possible. To help us, you can upload photos of what's behind an object or there's a space to add in a google street view address so we can check online how a property should look. Equally, we would not remove items that are likely to deceive if they're taken out. This includes things like street furniture, lamp posts, views of other buildings etc.


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