March 18, 2022

Bovisand Harbour VR & CG Animation

Bovisand Harbour VR & CG Animation

We worked with the Land & New Homes Network to help market a high-spec development on the coast


Bovisand Harbour offers an unrivalled collection of luxury lifestyle homes on South Devon’s glorious coastline. Dubbed as "Devon’s most ambitious collection of concierge waterside homes” the site is owned by Greg Dyke (Read about it here) and the first phase, Palmerston Court, went live in early 2022.

The Land & New Homes Network approached DCTR to collaborate on an ultra-realistic VR tour and CG Animation that made the most of the Palmerston Court interiors and balcony overlooking the sea.

We were instructed to follow the interior design intent down to a T. Matching art, accessories and furniture exactly.


Working from the architect's CAD files we accurately modelled one of the plots in 3DSMax. We brought the client along the journey with low render screenshots of each room and created the VR tour first with 10 360 'matter-port' style hot spots showcasing each room including the balcony, garage and hallway.

We agreed music with the client and following a pre-production meeting, created the 1 minute animation. The music was chosen for its mix of peaceful, sunset vibes with a contemporary feel. We purposefully edited the video to give a soft, luxurious and coastal finish - adding bokeh where appropriate.


Our client was so pleased with the result, they added the animation as the main header of the Bovisand site AVAILABLE HERE

You can access the VR Tour HERE

And below is the animation 👇


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