Power off-plan sales

with Virtual Reality

VR Walkthrough

Today, how do you show someone around a new development before it’s been built? With DCVR you can.

Whether it’s just one room, a house or a development, we’ll take your CAD plans and use those to generate interactive and beautiful experiences that elevate your marketing to a whole new level. This will help your buyers purchase with confidence and ultimately help you sell better. With DCVR you can walk outside and inside a property, change materials, wall and floor coverings, add video textures, music and much more. All of which will contribute to being able to visualise a lifestyle way beyond standard property marketing. If you wish, you can even host a video-call and show someone around while you’re both sitting on your sofas!

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VR Marketing Suites

If you have a small, medium or large development the marketing suite is an integral part of the buyer's journey. Imagine being able to transport your marketing suite to your potential buyers virtually. These features include video textures, links to websites, voiceovers, mini-3D models of your site and video-to-video conferencing! We can create a virtual marketing suite that can either replicate your real one or take on a life of its own with features that you would never expect to see in the real world!

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VR Offices

Let your imagination run wild with a virtual office for your organisation. You might want to use the office for team meetings, supplier catch-ups or even with customers. If you want your office to be a replica of your real one - we can do that. If you want your office to be the most out-there, imaginative, crazy embodiment of your brand, we can do that too! Perhaps it’s a boat in the mediteranean or a Castle in Scotland, the only limit is your imagination.

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VR Commercial

Step change your commercial property marketing with DCVR.
We can represent any space you require including hospitality, retail, or industrial settings. With the ability to overlay graphics, video, images and virtual tours - you can provide all the information required to tell your story in a compelling way.

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Free Movement, like you’re walking around

Unlike a traditional 360 panoramic experience, you can freely walk around our virtual environment to view every corner of the space. Movement is simple, using just a few keys on a computer or tapping the screen on a mobile or tablet. You can even walk up the stairs or fly up into the sky and view the property as a 3D floor plan.

Easy Access across all devices

No need to download specific software. Simply interact within the space on an internet browser via a link. Our virtual worlds work across PC, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet and VR headsets.

Video to Video calling in the scene

Forget Zoom - that’s so 2020. With our DCVR scenes you will have the ability to set up meetings and speak with clients, suppliers and colleagues directly in the scene as a floating avatar. You have independent freedom to move around and if you so wish, you could even play hide and seek at the end of your sales pitch - how cool is that!

Customising materials makes it easier to upsell finishes

Give your potential purchasers the ability to change the material finish of a property including walls, floors, kitchen and furniture colours. This gives the developer an opportunity to easily upsell products too.

Interactivity brings the space alive

Perhaps you want to highlight special features with videos and images, or link to specific websites that bring to life a particular product that comes with the property. We can bring your space to life with interactive icons that link the viewer to an infinite amount of information and content as i-frames as you walk around.

Video and sound textures

DCVR models can have video textures on TV and computer screens automatically playing as you walk around the space. This elevates the space to something live and interesting. We can even add voice overs or music in the background to provide a specific ambiance.

We’ll even create hi-res images as part of the VR

Perhaps you’re creating a brochure or need still images to present on Rightmove along with your VR experience. We can create high-res still images of the scene from any angle so you get more marketing bang for your buck.

How it Works


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DCTR create basic structure for approval


DCTR add furniture & textures for approval


DCTR add interactivity and finish render

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